Thank you for visiting my personal website. You will learn about the entrepreneur, coach and mentor that I am. I am grateful to all the people that I am fortunate to meet and work with through Loïc Rwigema Basketball and The Loïc Rwigema Foundation. Your support, trust and fidelity fuel in me the desire to go beyond and learn from some of the all-time greats. In return, I hope these experiences can serve as stepping stones leading others to the realization of their goals.
Who is Loïc?


Loïc Rwigema is the founder and owner of Loïc Rwigema Basketball, one of the most sought-after names in basketball in the province of Quebec.


Loïc Rwigema is the head of the men’s basketball program and a basketball coach at College Durocher Saint-Lambert, a private High School institution in Saint-Lambert, Québec.


Loïc decided to launch the Loïc Rwigema Foundation in the goal that every kid benefits from the same opportunities to reach his potential.


Loïc’s entrepreneurial spirit developed while in his last year of collegiate studies (CEGEP) when he met Ganon Baker. Mr. Baker ran Ganon Baker Basketball touring the world to provide clinics to elite basketball players and coaches.

After spending a weekend with Ganon Baker in Dallas in June 2011, Loïc came home convinced that a similar business model could be established in Quebec with the growing popularity of the sport.

In May 2012, Loïc Rwigema Training was launched – providing private basketball lessons to some of Quebec’s top High School and Collegiate players. Today, Loïc Rwigema Basketball provides a variety of service to a diverse customer base.


Loïc’s passion for coaching kicked in pretty early. While a player at the point guard position, it was not only natural but also expected that he would share advices to his teammates. A turning point in his career came in December 2016 when he met Kevin Eastman. Loïc attended a basketball clinic as player given by Mr. Eastman, an assistant for the Boston Celtics at the time.

Impressed by Loïc’s work ethic and drive, Kevin Eastman exchanged infos with Loïc. A mentorship evolved. Over the years, Kevin Eastman helped open doors for Loïc in the canadian and american basketball scene.

Today, Loïc carries a rich basketball experience having worked under Canadian coaching legend, Dave Smart of Carleton University. Loïc was also given privileged access at some of the top basketball programs and coaches in the US. The list includes: Tom Izzo’s Michigan State University, Tommy Amaker & Harvard, Geno Auriemma & the University of Connecticut, Bob Hurley & Saint Anthony High School, Duke University and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels.


It is in Gatineau that the seventh grader Loïc, then a soccer player, met with Carmai Constant and Rico Lavoie, two basketball coaches of the regional basketball team. Seeing the potential of the twelve years old athlete, both coaches launched an invitation to attend the U14 team tryouts. At 5 feet tall, Loïc was blown away at the fact that the two coaches invited him to play on a team that featured what was supposed to be the best prospects of the region in a sport that originaly was reserved to taller player.

A competitive inbred, he accepted the invitation and it was the start of his basketball journey. Rico and Carmai have ever since been close friends and mentors to Loïc. It is in this spirit of brotherhood that Loïc will select young promising prospects with a vision of excellence that goes beyond furthering their own goals.

By giving them the best of his knowledge, developing their basketball skills, understanding of the game and leadership abilities, Loïc wishes to make a difference in these players’ careers and life. As a result, these players will be given all the tools to stand out as some of the most talented and complete prospects of their particular age group.

2021-2022 Coach of The Year in the RSEQ Juvenile Men's Basketball Division 1 League



Gold Medal

2022 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in University Men’s Basketball

2022 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Juvenile Boys Division I

2022 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Midget Boys Division I

2022 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Bantam Boys Division III

2022 – RSEQ Regional Championship in Bantam Boys Division III

2019 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Bantam Boys Division II

2018 – RSEQ Montreal Regional Championship in Atom Boys Division II

2018 – RSEQ Monteregie Regional Championship in Bantam Division II

2016 – RSEQ Monteregie Regional Championship in Bantam Division II

2015 – RSEQ Provincial CEGEP Men’s Basketball Division I

2015 – RSEQ Montérégie Midget Boys Division II

2014 – RSEQ Montérégie Bantam Boys Division II

2012 – LBQ Elite Provincial Champion

2011 – OBA Junior Boys Provincial Champion

2011 – RSEQ Outaouais Bantam Girls Division II Champion

Silver Medal

2019 – RSEQ Provincial Championship Midget Boys Division I

2016 – Quebec Games in Men’s Basketball with Rive-Sud

2015 – RSEQ Provincial Championship Midget Boys Division II

2015 – RSEQ Montérégie Regional Championship Bantam Girls Division II

2010 – RSEQ Outaouais Bantam Boys Division II Runner-up

2006 – RSEQ High School Division I Runner-up

Bronze Medal

2018 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Bantam Boys

2017 – RSEQ Monteregie Regional Championship in Midget Boys

2016 – RSEQ Provincial Championship in Bantam Boys

2014 – RSEQ Monteregie Regional Championship in Midget Boys Division II

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